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Adult Holidays for Men

At Bachelor Holidays, we have been specialising since 2002, in making Adult Holidays arrangements for gentlemen travelling to Thailand, where it is known that a man can have the sort of enjoyment that he can only dream about at home.

When you land on the exotic island of Phuket to start your holiday, a car and driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel, where a representative will call to accompany you to one of our participating venues. A welcome massage will be arranged and you will receive complimentary drinks, whilst being introduced to the ladies waiting to meet you. You will be amongst friends and other clients enjoying Adult Holidays, all having a great time. No wasted energy finding a friendly bar or restaurant, or getting to know strangers; your holiday has begun immediately, giving you the maximum time to enjoy yourself. What better way to start your Bachelor's Holiday?

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For groups of 8 or more
We also organise a BUCKS PARTY you will never forget, if you have seen Hangover 2, we can take you to where it was made. You can ask our guide for anything, all your fantasies can happen in Thailand, at a very low cost.
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Thai ladies are known for their natural grace and beauty and many of them migrate to holiday destinations like Phuket, because they know there is a better chance of meeting a single, available gentleman. Thai ladies have no problem with age differences and older gentlemen are greatly respected, it is quite common for young women to prefer the company of an older man. All men are treated with respect and politeness and you can expect to be cared for in a way that you never thought was possible.

Take your Adult Holidays with us and enjoy the attentive, delicate, respectful company of exotic Thai ladies who are curious to meet you. We guarantee you an enjoyable and memorable trip.

For 21 nights or more
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