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Here's some useful information and tips to help smooth your transition into Thailand and your understanding of the ladies you are likely to meet.

Weather & Seasons
Phuket has a balmy tropical climate, with two very distinct seasons that shift with the direction of the monsoons. The northeast monsoon season, from November through to March, brings cooler breezes and sunny, dry days. The wet southwest monsoon runs from May through to October ..... more

Visas & Immigration
Travelling from many countries, there is no need for a travel visa before you go to Thailand, as Thai immigration will stamp your passport, free of charge, with a 30 day holiday visa exeption permit. If you don't pass through immigration at Bangkok, you will have to do so at Phuket. Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Thailand. If you intend to stay for more than 30 days, you should apply for a longer stay visa, before you travel. Under some cicumstances, you can obtain a 7 day holiday extension visa, from the Phuket Immigration Office in Phuket Town.

On the flight into Thailand you will be given an immigration card to complete, please remember to fill in both sides (including your return trip) otherwise, when you get to the front of the immigration queue, they'll make you go away and fill in the rest of the form, then you'll have to queue all over again ..... more

You can buy local currency at Phuket Airport, so you'll not need to take loads of Thai Baht with you. We recommend you have a couple of credit/debit cards to draw cash from the plentiful ATM machines; bartering for goods and services is common in Thailand and cash is the best bargaining tool.

We strongly advise all of our clients to take full travel insurance, as circumstances can turn against anyone. In Phuket, healthcare for insured tourists is excellent, with private hospital rooms being similar to 4 star hotel rooms, each with a TV and satellite channels, fridge, telephone and other amenities. Visitors can visit at any time and if required, are welcome to stay with you as extra beds can be arranged.

The latest information about inoculations can be obtained from your doctor, but we know that a lot of regular visitors to Phuket don't bother with them, as it is a low risk area for many common equatorial illnesses. However, we always advise to air on the side of caution and have the full set of anti everything, especially useful if you're thinking of travelling elsewhere in Thailand, or to a nearby country, where the risks may be greater. Take a good mosquito repellent, or buy one immediately you arrive, as on the first evening you will be vulnerable. Mosquitoes strike mostly during the evening, so best to protect yourself from the start.

If you have booked your luggage all the way through from your home airport to Phuket, even if the last leg is an internal flight from Bangkok, your luggage will be waiting for you at the International Baggage Claim at Phuket Airport. If you collected your luggage at Bangkok, went through immigration then transferred it to the Phuket flight yourself, then your luggage will be waiting for you at the Domestic Baggage Claim.

Phuket Airport is quite small, so you shouldn't worry about meeting your driver, who will display a placard showing your name, even if he, or she, is waiting nearer to the International arrivals than the Domestic. The cost of the transfers to and from your hotel is inclusive but, if you decide to tip the driver, 100 Baht would be normal. Please check, with the rep, the day before your return trip , that all is in hand for your transfer back to Phuket Airport.

All Thai people are very loving and respectful towards their Royal Family and many are deeply religious, paying respect to their Buddhist religion every day, by way of prayers and offerings. Every hotel, restaurant bar and public place has a shrine to Buddha. The ceremony is done quietly and in full public view, please be equally as quiet and respectful during these few minutes.

Thai Ladies
There is no ageism, fatism, racism or any other sort of discrimination with Thai ladies, they don't seem to care what you look like, but they do care how you behave. Older men are treated with great consideration, as having the attentions of an older man is an increase in status for a young Thai woman. Our best advice, is to be polite and treat all the ladies with respect. Thai ladies are quick to smile in return for a passing glance or nod of appreciation; you will find it very refreshing ..... more

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Phuket Airport Plan
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Phuket Hospitals
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