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The Location

Bachelor Holidays are held in the south of Phuket which is in the south western corner of Thailand. Phuket nestles in the Andaman Sea, part of the Indian Ocean, and enjoys the very best of tropical weather, tempered by the cooling see breezes associated with island life. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with plenty to do. Fabulous beaches with deep-sea fishing, golf courses, water sports and activities, clubs, bars and restaurants but, most of all, a plentiful supply of beautiful Thai ladies. What more could a bachelor ask for?

Karon Beach boasts a two mile stretch of golden sand, stretching from Karon at the northern end of the bay, to Kata at the southern end. Click Here for a LIVE webcam view of the beach stretching from Kata towards Karon. It is never so crowded that you can’t get a sun bed and giant parasol. The beach and the sea are very clean and swimming is nearly always safe, except in the monsoon season when a rip tide can be running, but on these occasions warning flags are displayed. There are numerous outlets for booking water sports and activities along the beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata and several first class golf courses within easy reach.

Photos of the area

Karon is a bustling town where nothing is further than a short walk away, it is the ideal venue to strike a balance between rowdy and relaxed, it attracts enough foreigners to support the beer bars, but it's not the party Mecca that nearby Patong is. The variety of atmospheres is a huge bonus, in Karon you can be in a nice relaxed pub and not even notice the more raunchy beer bar twenty metres away; going from sedate to scandalous and back again, without moving more than a few paces; get all heated up and sweaty, then go and cool down before coming back for more, perfect! The bars stay open until about 2am, but often, there are impromptu beach parties which last until dawn.

Maps of the area

Until recently, Karon had been overshadowed by its much larger neighbour, Patong. Now Karon has come into its own, with such a varied selection of facilities and with entertainment being cheaper, very few people bother to take the 10 minute taxi ride to Patong, but it is still nearby for some first class venues and special variety shows. Catch the Simon show if you get the chance.

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