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Adult Holidays for Single Gentlemen
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Parties and Group Tours

We don't just organise holidays for single travellers. We can organise a tour for your whole Footy Club, Fishing Club, Bucks Party, Social Club or just a group of Horny Mates; there are lots of things to do and see, besides the nightlife, we can organise:

  • Charter fishing boats
  • Lake angling for huge fish
  • Diving boats
  • Road bike tours
  • Motorcross tours
  • Rock climbing
  • Shooting
  • Go-karting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Golfing
  • Para sailing
  • Jet-skiing
  • Island hopping

Plus lots of other stuff. If you organise a trip for 10 or more people' "YOU" go free.

Bucks Parties are huge in Thailand, because there is a relaxed approach when going into establishments in a group.

We organise a Bucks Party that you will never forget. If you have seen Hangover 2, we can take you to where it was made.

Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Depending on flights, you can do a short trip for 3 or 4 nights or, if you can spare the time, you can take a whole week. Shorter trips are mostly Bangkok or Pattaya, but longer trips can take in both. For something really special, organise a week off and we can include a trip to Phuket.

When you are on a tour with us, don't be shy to ask our guide for anything. All your fantasies can happen in Thailand and at a very reasonable price. There are bars, clubs, parlours and establishments that don't exsist in Australia. Our guides know where the best spots are. If you want a massage, just ask and it will happen. If you want to try some wilder fantasies, just ask and our guide will take you to a place that will supply anything you want.

For more information Email:

Include a phone number and our Australian rep will call you.
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