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The Package, Welcome Party,
What's Next & Special Offers

The Package - Included with every holiday

  • Transfer from Phuket Airport
  • Check-in to the Hotel
  • Welcome Party
    • Free Drinks
    • Welcome Massage
    • Introductions
    • Meal for Two
    • Complimentary First Night Companion
  • Accommodation with Breakfast
  • Free Starter Drink Every Night
  • Transfer back to Phuket Airport

Once you have settled into your hotel, a representative will call to take you to one of our participating venues, where your "Welcome Party" will take place. You will be introduced to the friendly, English speaking owner or manager, who will be pleased to explain all you need to know about enjoying yourself in Thailand. The representative will take you for your "Welcome Massage" and when you return, suitably relaxed, you will be introduced to the companions and hostesses, who have been waiting to meet you.

At the bar your tab will be credited with as many as six free drinks to get you started. When you have decided upon your companion for the evening and beyond, we suggest you take the lady for a quite meal, the bar will pick up your tab for this meal.  Any expenses incurred by the lady for the time she spends with you on that first evening, will also be covered by the venue so, in essence, your first night is virtually cost free. If you are too tired, or your arrival has been delayed, you can take advantage of all these offers on the second day instead, it's up to you. At participating bars, you will receive a starter drink for free, every evening for the duration of your stay; this offer applies between 7pm and 10pm.

What's Next


Regular Companion Holidays - 5 nights or more
Including the Every Holiday Package
After the first night "Welcome Party", you may wish to continue your association with the same lady, or choose another; whoever you choose will meet you in the venue bar no later than 21:00 hrs. and stay with you all night until breakfast, if you want to invite her to stay for breakfast it will be at your expense. You can arrange to meet her later that day for another assignment or decide what you want to do once you are at the venue bar. Each time a lady stays overnight will cost approximately 1,800 Baht for her company, plus a small 'fine' payable to the venue (between 200 and 500 Baht). It is completely up to you whether or not you want a companion for the night.

Full Time Companion Holidays - 24 hour companionship
Including the Every Holiday Package
After the first night "Welcome Party" and starting at 21:00 hours the next evening, a Full Time companion is with you 24hrs night and day, but she must be allowed 2 hours personal time each day. You and your companion's breakfasts are included, but you are responsible for all of her expenses, in relation to the activities you invite her to take part in, her drinks and her food whilst she is with you e.g. If you take a sightseeing trip to the islands, you would have to pay for the tickets and meals etc. The cost of a Full Time companion is 5,000 Baht per day/night, which includes a small 'fine' payable to the venue.

Special Offers

  • 10% discount for returning clients.
  • 10% discount if you take a friend.
  • NEW - 10% discount for active military personnel.
  • NEW - 10% discount for civvies serving in an active zone.
    One Extra Night's Companionship for all Clients taking a holiday of 10 nights or more. Offer valid until 31st October 2017
    Holidays of 10 nights or more, taken during July, August and September, will benefit from a 10% (approx) room rate discount.

Discount is taken from the cost of accommodation, which includes all of the Bachelor Holidays benefits and services. Only one discount can be applied to each trip. Any client returning for a second or subsequent visit will receive a 10% discount.
10% discount from your accommodation cost, if you take a full paying friend who travels with you. Of course, each traveller will have their own separate room.
Active military personnel will receive 10% discount, subject to the usual proof.
Any civilian working in an active zone, as support personnel for the military, or as a private contractor, or in defence of private contractors, will receive 10% discount.

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