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Thai Ladies

There is no ageism, fatism, racism or any other sort of discrimination with Thai ladies, they don't seem to care what you look like, but they do care how you behave. Older men are treated with great consideration, as having the attentions of an older man is an increase in status for a young Thai woman. Our best advice, is to be polite and treat all the ladies with respect. Thai ladies are quick to smile in return for a passing glance or nod of appreciation; you will find it very refreshing.

Of course, some of the ladies, working in and around the tourist areas, are experienced professionals; they are there just for business. If that is what you are looking for, then we understand it is best to discuss your requirements and fix a price, prior to engaging their services. All the ladies work for themselves; there are no pimps or handlers. You should be wary of taking a lady from outside of our recommended establishments, as you will have no recourse to the lady's workplace, if things don’t work out quite as you expect.

Other ladies work as 'hostesses' encouraging clients to come into their establishment to buy drinks, they also serve the drinks and make you feel very welcome, but beware of feeling obliged to buy too many drinks for too many girls, as it is easy to run up a large bar bill whilst getting carried away with all the attention you are receiving. The ladies work for food, lodgings and tips, plus a small percentage of the value of the drinks that are bought for them. After a period of fun and flirtation, during which time they get to know you a little and you buy a few drinks, many of them are prepared to be your companion for the night, in return for money. The financial arrangements vary, but on average you will pay about 1800 Baht for the lady's company, for the whole night, plus a small 'fine' payable to the bar (between 200 and 500 Baht), for the loss of the hostess’s services. If you like each other, you may even develop a relationship; a lot of relationships start this way. The feeling is a bit like chatting up a girl in a bar at home, but in Thailand you always get lucky and take her home with you. Just like any relationship, whether or not it develops, depends entirely upon the individuals concerned. If you are not looking for any sort of relationship, then you are free to associate with a different lady on the next occasion.

Many of the girls are there to fulfil the dream; that is to meet a kind-hearted foreigner who will buy the house and the car and look after them and their family. It's just a dream, but it does come true, as living in Thailand is relatively cheap and many foreigners can easily afford to spend several months of the year away from their home country, or even buy a second home there. When this happens, the word spreads like wildfire through the girls' home villages and the next generation of unemployed young women get the bus to Phuket, travelling hundreds of miles away from their families, to work in a restaurant or bar, just for food, lodging and tips, on the off-chance they'll meet a kind, farang (foreigner). Every year new girls arrive, completely inexperienced in the ways of the world, so it's best to be kind and understanding of their ways, who knows, you might make a new, long-term friend.

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