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Weather and Seasons

Phuket has a balmy tropical climate, with two very distinct seasons that shift with the direction of the monsoons. The northeast monsoon season, from November through to March, brings cooler breezes and sunny, dry days. The wet southwest monsoon runs from May through to October.

Unlike other parts of Thailand, Phuket sees fairly consistent temperatures year-round, varying between 20°C (70°F) and 35°C (95°F). March and April are the hottest months, while November through to January is the coolest time of year.

During May through to August there are frequent rain showers but these are quick to pass and there are still many sunny days during these months. It's a nice time of year to visit, as the beaches are less crowded and hotel rates lower. Surfers love the ‘low season’ as there are some decent swells to ride at many of the west coast beaches. September and October see the most rainfall, with some prolonged heavy showers, although there is still a fair amount of sunshine. Western coastal resorts tend to get less rain, as the clouds break over the hills behind them, given the most precipitation to inland Phuket.

During October the rains start to move away and this is when those from cold climates begin fleeing to Phuket to enjoy the sun-drenched beaches. Humidity levels start to drop, making it more comfortable for sipping cocktails in the shade of beach umbrellas. There may be an occasional shower, but these rarely last more than an hour.

From December through to February, precipitation levels drop to about 40mm per month, on average. March remains dry, but it begins to feel hotter and more humid. April is the steamiest month, with heavy thunder clouds bringing humidity levels up.

Low Season - May through to October. This is when the hotel prices are at their lowest. Many travellers prefer these times to visit Phuket, as the resorts are less crowded and there is still plenty of sunshine for the beach lovers, even if they have to duck into a bar every now and again to avoid the rain, and it never gets cold.

High Season - November through to April. The hotel prices are higher during this time but the weather is at its best. With many visitors escaping from the European winter it can be more difficult to find accommodation, so you should book in advance.

Peak Season - Mid December to Mid January. The hotel prices are at their highest, with premium rates being charged over the holiday period, this is the most expensive time to visit Phuket, but what a great time you will have, with everyone in festive mood and plenty of partying and the very best of the weather. Accommodation can be difficult to find, so you should book well in advance.

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